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In 1977, a young college graduate named Chris Madrid returned to his hometown of San Antonio to open his namesake restaurant (then Chris Madrid’s Tacos and Burgers) in the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. He might not have known much about the restaurant business, but he was certain of this: he had a passion for making his brand of tacos and burgers, and he wanted to make each one as if he was making it for a friend – with love. Significantly, he also knew he had the strong support of his wife Carolyn who encouraged him to pursue his dream.

Over the next 35 years, Chris’ passion and heart endeared him to not only his staff but to thousands and thousands of adoring fans from literally all over the nation and world – many were as drawn to him personally as they were his food. And for good reason.

After Chris passed away unexpectedly in 2012, his legacy continued to live on through the love and dedication of Carolyn, son Michael, daughter Lisa and her husband Bryce. In one way or another, all of them had come alongside Chris over the years, and so they remained committed to his vision while they considered the future of what they all called “the place.”

By 2017, it became obvious to them that it was finally time to step away from Chris Madrid’s. We are beyond grateful that they asked us to take the reins so that we might build upon such a powerful legacy. We are doing our best to reward their trust in us by continuing to value those things that Chris held dear – having the freshest food and the friendliest service, all served in the most welcoming of places.

We never imaged back on that transition day in 2017 that we’d experience a fire just 45 days into our stewardship. Since then we’ve been through a lot together, but thanks to the support of our customers and friends, the efforts of our amazing staff, and the encouragement of the Madrids, we’re excited to have moved back home.

Click here to learn more about Chris Madrid and the landmark restaurant he created, and get to know us, too.

We hope you will join us in our commitment to upholding Chris’ legacy of faith, family & community…and, of course, of serving food to you our friends - with love.

Welcome home,

Richard & Brooke Peacock

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