Construction Update #3

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Dear Friends – we wanted to let you know that construction continues to go well, and at a crazy, ridiculous pace. Every day now brings new and exciting changes, and it’s awesome to now see everyone’s hard work coming together.

In fact, we’re so close that THIS WEEKEND Chris’ daughter Lisa, along with her team, is going to be re-hanging the t-shirts, beer signs, and all of that great Chris Madrid’s memorabilia!

Given how close we are to the end of construction, THE LAST DAY OF OPERATION for the food truck/tent setup will be this coming Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day). We’ll be open that day UNTIL 3PM, and then we’re closing things down for good over there, so come have one more for the road!

The next day, we’ll hopefully send our food truck ( back to Cruising Kitchens for some maintenance (are you reading this Cameron??? COME GET IT!!) – we want it ready to hit the road ASAP, since many of you have already asked us to send out to your work events, parties, charities, etc.

That same day, we’ll be moving tables, chairs, and equipment across the street for us to use back at the renovated restaurant. They tell us that towards the end of next week we’ll be able to start re-training our team and getting the hang of being back at home – and with solid walls again…

As for when we’ll actually re-open, we’re deliberately not committing to an exact date just yet because want to make sure that we can continue to live up to Chris’ vision of serving his same awesome burgers (and chalupas, and nachos, and hand-made fries) – with love, of course.

In the meantime, we remain incredibly grateful for all of the excitement and encouragement – we’re fired up to be so close to welcoming you back home!